How hearing loss can affect your relationships

“You’re not listening to me!” – How hearing loss can affect your relationships

Do you and your spouse ever have communication problems? Almost all couples do. It’s common for one partner to blame the other for not really listening. But what if the real issue is that they can’t hear what is being said

Audiologist Patricia Chute addresses those types of problems in an article about how hearing loss impacts relationships.

People who suffer from hearing loss are affected in ways other people will never truly understand. Quite often, a couple doesn’t even realise how much the frustrations have built up over time. Then one admits to feeling ignored, or angry outbursts occur.

You don’t have to let hearing-based communication problems continue to take a toll on your marriage. Openness is so important! Learn more about confronting hearing problems together.

A 2010 study performed by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People stressed the importance a partner’s support, and how they “can play an instrumental role in making people aware of hearing loss.” It’s usually the first step in seeking life-changing assistance!

We have resources available to help you address those issues. We can also provide other informative articles about hearing loss in general.


hearing loss can affect relationships


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