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When The Words Are Important – Hearing Your Spouse

It is hard to name a time when words spoken to you are not important. We all want to hear things said to us and participate in conversations around us. However, there are times when the words and the speaker are even more significant; like when you are talking to your spouse or partner. 

As a person begins to have difficulty hearing they start to lose connections. It is harder to stay engaged in their surroundings. When this takes place in the home it can cause friction or frustration. Requests are misunderstood. Questions can go unanswered. Even something as simple as watching TV can cause a problem when the two do not agree on the volume.


suffering from hearing loss


People suffering from hearing loss are often embarrassed. They don’t want to admit to having a problem and they do not want to become a burden to their spouse. They will often try to hide or cover up the issue and find excuses for why information gets missed or mixed up. This is where we can help.


We offer testing, consultation and a variety of hearing aids from multiple manufacturers. We can custom fit you with the right equipment to fit your lifestyle and budget.

We believe knowledge is important and can provide informative articles about hearing loss in general.

We encourage you to do some research and then contact us. It is our goal to provide the tools for you to once again enjoy all the conversations in your life; especially those with your loved ones.