Try a demo device

Undecided about the benefits of hearing aids? Try a demo device

Despite the substantial benefits from using hearing aids, research has shown some people with hearing loss will take more than five years before deciding to get hearing aids. 

As an audiologist in the industry for nearly 25 years, I have seen many clients put off the need for hearing aids.  Financial commitment of the unknown is one of the biggest reasons, so at The Hearing Care Shop we have introduced a new program with a range of demonstration hearing devices.  The demo program allows you to experience hearing devices and how it can improve your hearing, to assist you in your decision-making process. Demo hearing devices are custom programmed to your hearing loss by me, the in-house audiologist, and are available in different technology levels and styles – including instant fit CICs.

The demo devices are designed with an internal clock that sets the length of the trial. Our trial period is for two weeks. Once the trial period concludes, the demo device will cease operating.

The demo device provides people with the chance to become familiar with using hearing aids. They also prime the brain’s auditory cortex to recognise and interpret sounds again and this leads to a much better outcome for an actual hearing aid prescription.

Furthermore, information about how the demo device was used during the trial is gathered and can be used towards personalising the prescription of an actual hearing aid.

Delivered directly to your home

An advantage the demo device can offer is the device can be custom programmed and delivered directly to your home, this means no need for a visit to an audiology clinic. This is greatly beneficial for those living in areas where audiology service and access is limited.


There are some exceptions to whether a demo hearing device is suitable for you. The degree of your hearing loss, health factors such as eyesight and dexterity and whether you are able to provide an audiogram or undertake our online hearing test to map your hearing loss levels.


Delivered directly to your home


Support during your trial

Before and during the trial period you will be provided instructions and support by our in-house audiologist.


Who would benefit from a demo device

The demo hearing device is a great first step for someone who is undecided on what level of technology or style of hearing aid is a good fit for them. For someone who does not, or cannot, financially put up the full cost of the hearing aids whilst trialing.  For someone who will be a first-time wearer and they are uncertain on the benefits the hearing aid will provide to their daily life.


With little cost (only a courier fee) involved in trying a demo device and a fully refundable bond, there is now no reason to delay in helping yourself or a family member to improve yours or their hearing health.


For more information about The Hearing Care Shop demo hearing device, please contact us today on 1300 919 664.