missed that sound

Take That First Step – Admit You Miss The Sounds

Sounds are everywhere. From the alarm clock that awakens us, to the lullaby we sing our grandchildren at night, sound waves float around and through us all day. So the first time we miss the punch line to the joke or the waitress asking if we want dessert, we shrug it off. The room was just too crowded or the speaker mumbled. 


Denial is common when someone begins to experience hearing loss. With so much going on it seems only natural to miss something occasionally. Right? Deep inside though they realize it is harder to get through the day. The TV has to go up just a notch higher. The phrase “What was that again?” slips out more and more. Going out to restaurants and socialising gets lesser, as you struggle to hear when there is background noise.  Sound familiar?


noisy restaurant


The key though is to not despair or feel ashamed. You are not alone. One in six Australian’s suffer from hearing loss, that’s over 3 million people.  In general, the amount of people with a permanent hearing loss increases significantly with age with males experiencing relatively higher levels of hearing loss.

The underlying reasons vary and there is not an average ‘age’ to feel the effect. But the good news is that there is help available. First you may want to read informative articles about hearing loss in general. After that you should look into the benefits of hearing aids.


There are many options and strategies at your disposal to help bring back the sound. We offer steps tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget.
We are committed to providing the link back to the sounds of your world. Just admit you miss them, then contact us.