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Widex Unique Cros will transmit sound and voices to let your good ear hear for both your ears. It is the hearing aid for single-sided deafness. If you have good hearing in one ear and non-hearing in the other, then Beyond Cros will work for you.

The Cros will pair with any Widex Unique Fusion range of hearing aid, so you can have the same colour range as in the Unique family.

CROS stands for ‘Contralateral Routing of Signal’ and consists of two parts:

  • the CROS aid with a microphone to pick up sounds and voices from the non-hearing (dead) ear and wirelessly transmits the sound to the hearing aid worn on the ear that hears
  • the hearing aid to receive the signal from the non-hearing ear will play sounds it has had transmitted to your good ear

With the Cross B, it:

  • enables you to have a conversation in quiet and noisy surroundings without having to re-positioning yourself
  • allows you to respond to people when they talk to you on the side you can’t hear from
  • requires no surgical procedures
  • can be worn without it being noticed
Your Hearing Aid Purchase Includes
  • Custom programming of hearing aid
  • Trial period for your hearing aid
  • Fitting appointment with an experienced clinician
  • Two aftercare appointments in the first year
  • FREE - one year's supply of batteries
  • FREE - one year's supply of wax guards, domes and cleaning kit
  • FREE - all checks and cleaning of aids at partner clinic, for life!
  • 30-day return and refund period
  • 36 months' manufacturer's warranty
  • 12 months' manufacturer's insurance for loss or damage*
    * Manufacturer conditions and excess applies, plus fitting fee. Not applicable for all models. 
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