Hansaton SoundHD 3 Hearing Aid

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Hansaton is our home fitting solution for clients wanting an easy, hassle free fitting in the comfort of their home.  All you need is a wireless broadband connection, and we provide the rest to ensure you have a seamless fitting and follow up experience.

SoundHD 3 is the basic level in the Hansaton range.  Level 3 ensures listening comfort and speech comprehension in the most important acoustic situations.

View Hansaton brochure for more information, including accessories.

Home Fitting

With just a wireless broadband connection and an iCube, our in-house audiologist can remotely program and fine tune the sounds in your Hansaton hearing aids to ensure a personal and custom fit.

How does it work
  1. Send your audiogram to us.  If you haven’t had a hearing test – take our Online Hearing Test (requires headphones) OR request an In-clinic test
  2. We’ll contact you to learn more about your hearing and listening needs
  3. Order your Hansaton hearing aid and iCube online
  4. The order will be sent directly to your home
  5. We’ll arrange a date and time to carry out the home fitting and follow up

Hansaton versus leading brands

Hansaton is a leading European brand, far superior than the current home fitting range of hearing aids available in Australia. It’s up to date technology, performance and quality rivals the top four European brands.

Comparable Product SHD 3Belong 3OPN 3Unique 110Primax 3

Hansaton SHD 3 Features

  • 8 Programing Channels
  • 1 star Multi-microphone technology: Ensures optimum speech clarity in every situation
  • 1 star Noise reduction: Continually reduces background noise to provide pleasant sound in noisy environments
  • 1 star Wind noise reduction
  • 1 star Speech detection: Brings out speech while effectively suppressing disruptive background noise
  • Feedback Manager: Immediately suppresses annoying feedback – including on the phone
  • Tinnitus Balance feature designed to reduce the annoyance and awareness of your tinnitus
  • BiLink: Continuous, automatic synchronisation of the two hearing aids ensures improved speech clarity and directional hearing, especially in noisy environments
  • PhoneConnect: Make telephone calls easily and reliably via the hearing system
  • Wireless

View Hansaton brochure for more detailed specification.

SHD 3 Performance

The SHD 3 is best in the following listening circumstances:

  • One-on-One conversations
  • Watching TV
  • Theatres, lectures and movies

Hearing Aid Style

The SHD 3 is available in 2 different styles dependent on your level of hearing loss, hand dexterity and personal preference.

Size s10
  • Mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Micro, near invisible on all ears
  • Size 10 battery, consumption for typical user approx 5-7 days
  • Just 19 mm in size
  • Integrated wireless functionality allows both binaural communication and remote control use
  • Available in 5 different colours:
    Carbon Black, Sandy Beige, Space Titan, Sparkling Bronze, Sterling Silver
Size s312
  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Mini, near invisible on most ears
  • Size 312 battery, consumption for typical user approx 9-11 days
  • Just 24 mm in size
  • Integrated telecoil for improved sound quality during telephone calls
  • Push button for manual program selection
  • Available in 5 different colours:
    Carbon Black, Sandy Beige, Space Titan, Sparkling Bronze, Sterling Silver
Your Tele-Health Hearing Aid Purchase Includes
  • Custom programming of hearing aid
  • 3 week trial period for your hearing aid
  • Remote online home fitting appointment with our experienced in-house audiologist
  • Unlimited aftercare support via online and phone with our in-house audiologist in the first year
  • FREE - electronic UV drying kit (RRP $120) for pair
  • FREE - two year's supply of batteries
  • FREE - one year's supply of wax guards, domes and cleaning kit
  • 30-day return and refund period
  • 36 months' manufacturer's warranty
  • Partner Clinic referral - option for in-clinic service and support (extra charge)
Step 1

Take a hearing test

Take our online hearing test with headphones. Or book in for a hearing test at your local Partner Clinic.

Alternatively, simply send us your hearing test (audiogram) if you’ve already had an assessment.

Step 2

Select your hearing aid

Get expert advice from our in-house audiologist to find a hearing aid device that’s right for your needs. 

If you already know which hearing aid you’re after, why not start shopping now!

Step 3

Get fitted and begin your trial

Our in-house audiologist will remotely program your hearing aid with his PC and will fine tune the sounds based on your response. You'll get an overview on how to fit, use and take care of your hearing aid, along with what you'll experience. Now, you're all set to start your trial.

Not happy with your device? No problem! Simply return it for a refund.

Additional Information


Carbon Black, Sandy Beige, Space Titan, Sparkling Bronze, Sterling Silver

H/Aid for

Left and Right ear, Left ear only, Right ear only


s10, s312