Siemens Signia ACE DEMO hearing device


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Light and comfortable, Ace™ primax is the smallest in the family of RIC hearing aids. Despite its compact form, Ace primax is packed with powerful features to deliver the natural ease of hearing. Ideal for first-time wearers and those who demand the utmost in discretion and functionality, the new Ace primax RIC sits unobtrusively behind the ear.

The automatic SpeechMaster function, a key feature of the Primax technology, elevates the speaker of interest above other voices while reducing the background sounds and voices outside your direction of attention making it easy for you to understand what matters.

Signia ACE Primax demo hearing device


  • Ultra-small design, nearly invisible when worn
  • Directional microphones. Optimised placement and orientation ensure the best possible hearing performance.
  • Tinnitus therapy signals with five static noise types and four ocean wave signals
  • Push button for program changes
  • Size 10 battery
  • Remotely controllable via the touchControl App (Apple/Android) to allow for programs, volume, bass and treble to be discreetly changed.


Primax technology

Signia ACE Primax is available in three technology levels. Click on each level for more detailed info on each level

  1. Primax 3 – basic level
  2. Primax 5 – advanced level
  3. Primax 7 – premium level


See also Siemens Signia PURE (RIC) and Siemens Signia SILK (completely in canal – CIC) Demo Device options.

Is ACE suited to you?

Before proceeding with a demo, you will need to send us your audiogram for our in-house audiologist to review and determine whether your hearing loss is suitable for a ACE.  We may also need to phone you to determine a number of other factors.

To enquire further about suitability of the Siemens Signia ACE hearing aid, contact us today by sending your enquiry and/or audiogram.

How is ACE custom programmed?

The ACE Primax demo hearing device will be programmed to your audiogram by our in-house audiologist and shipped directly from The Hearing Care Shop to you. We’ll include a range of domes in different sizes, so you can easily fit and adjust them to your personal preference.

You can trial the ACE demo for two weeks to experience if the ACE Primax is suitable to your hearing loss and needs!

Trial period

The trial period for the ACE demo hearing device is two weeks.  The ACE demo hearing device is not a fully functional hearing aid, it has an integrated clock that will stop the demo hearing device from operating after three weeks of it being programmed.

A fully functional ACE Primax hearing aid is required to be programmed by a clinician at a Partner Clinic in conjunction with a fitting appointment (approx 1 hour).


HOW To START your trial

Order your ACE demo hearing device on this page by selecting the quantity (one or both ears) and technology level you wish to trial.  Follow the onscreen prompts to pay the bond and enter your contact details, including address.

We will send a confirmation email upon receiving the order.  The email will detail demo inclusions, instructions on how to insert and use the ACE demo hearing device and contact details for audiological support during the trial period.

Bond Payment & Refund

  • Payment of $200 (per ear) is bond for the demo hearing device .
  • At the end of the two week trial, the demo hearing device should be returned to The Hearing Care Shop .
  • On receipt of the demo hearing device, which must be in its original working condition (i.e not damaged or broken), you will be refunded the full bond.
  • Refund is reversed onto the credit card used to purchase the demo trial via the eWAY payment gateway.
  • If you require demo hearing device for each ear, increase the basket quantity to two.  The bond will be $400 ($200 per device)


Why is a bond taken?

The ACE demo hearing device is the property of The Hearing Care Shop. A bond is taken to ensure the ACE demo hearing device is returned to us in its original working condition, or in the case it is lost we are partially reimbursed for replacing the device.