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The Phonak ComPilot Air II is a small device that doubles as a streamer and remote control.  The streamer offers excellent stereo sound quality by receiving audio inputs from different Bluetooth® devices to transmit them wirelessly to your hearing aids. So no more neck loops! The remote control feature is used for changing the hearing aids’ program and volume.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the ComPilot Air II can be easily connected to a huge range of Bluetooth-enabled audio devices such as cell phones, smartphones, computers, smart tablets, music players and more. You can also combine it with the Phonak TVLink to turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones.

The ComPilot Air II is compatible with the Belong (B) and Venture (V) range of Audeo and Bolero hearing aids.

When to use the Phonak ComPilot Air II device:

  • Cell phone / smartphone
  • Music players, computers and smart tablets
  • As a wireless headphone with the Phonak TVLink
  • As a remote control to adjust the volume/program of your hearing aids
  • Works with the Phonak RemoteControl app for more advanced control

**The Phonak ComPilot Air II needs to be paired with your hearing aids at a clinic**


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