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The Siemens eCharger device recharges the battery in a hearing aid in just 6 hours. Simply place the hearing aid in the eCharger device overnight and the battery is recharged – no more fiddling around with little batteries on a weekly basis!

The Siemens eCharge is a sustainable power solution for the rechargeable Siemens Pure and Motion hearing aid models.

As well as saving yourself the hassle of battery changes you’ll also be doing something for our environment, as you’ll be significantly reducing the amount of waste batteries.

Benefits of the Siemens eCharger device

Ease of use
Improve your hearing without having to bother with all those tiny batteries. Simply place your Pure™ or Motion™ hearing aids in the eCharger overnight, and within six hours they will be powered up, ready for your busy day ahead.

Your rechargeable hearing aids reduce battery waste by using roughly 1 pair of batteries per year instead of nearly 52 pair of batteries or more.

Moisture Removal
The eCharger dries and refreshes your aids overnight by removing moisture from the devices. This protects hearing instruments from moisture damage ensuring long term reliability, maximum performance and avoiding expensive repairs caused by moisture.

After six hours of charging, the eCharger’s indicator light tells you your hearing instruments are ready to go