tele-health home fitting Audiology

With The Hearing Care Shop’s Home Fitting Service, we are able to deliver hearing aids directly to you and undertake the fitting and follow up appointments remotely in the comfort of your home!

All you need is a wireless broadband connection and we deliver the rest with your hearing aids.

Our Tele-Health Home Fitting Service is the new, revolutionary method in providing clients options on how they receive their audiology service that fits their needs the best.

We’ve had great success to date with a number of clients enjoying the ease, simplicity and convenience of not having to visit a clinic.

A major benefit of a home fitting is that you get to experience your hearing aids in your real environment, so you can have a walk around your home, listen to the TV, speak with others in the house, etc, to ensure the programming and setting of your hearing aids reflect your environment. If the sounds you hear are not comfortable – too loud, too soft – then the audiologist can fine tune these straight away based on your real-time feedback.

Whether you are new to hearing aids or an experienced user, our Tele-Health Home Fitting Service is suitable for all.

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