Carolina, Brisbane, QLD – Tele-Health Home Fitting

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am so very happy with my new hearing aids and the process to get them was so easy, convenient and a pleasant experience. The home fitting was just so superb. All the items arrived safely and well packaged to my home.  Your instructions were easy to follow and once Michael had the fitting underway, I was just relaxed on my couch.  Technology is amazing, I can’t believe how smoothly the fitting went and all the testing and adjustments that Michael made. Hashila, you checking in on me to make sure I had all the items, that I was set up and happy with my aids was very much appreciated. Your customer service is faultless.

I’m wearing my hearing aids all day from the time I wake up.  They have made such a difference to my life.  I am finally now more engaged with the conversations with my family and friends and I don’t feel I’m just a sitting duck at the table.  Once again thank you for changing my life!

Regards, a very, very happy customer of yours



Mark, Melbourne, VIC – Tele-Health Home Fitting

Mark purchased the Widex Beyond 440 and was fitted via our Tele-Health Home Fitting Service.  Mark undertook his fitting and follow up appointments at work, in his quite office as this was the most convenient time for him. 

“To date, I’m very happy with everything. Prompt delivery and service. Appointment times have been very flexible and easy to book. I love the hearing aids. Even if there’s nothing to listen too, I hate the feeling now of not wearing them. The world seems dull and boring without them.”, says Mark.


Tony, Adelaide, SA

I’ve been buying batteries and wax filters from The Hearing Care Shop for two years now and have saved so much buying it online than from my clinic.  Can’t fault their service and time frame, I get my package within the week of ordering.  Keep up the good work.


Raj, Newcastle, NSW

Hashila, Michael I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my new hearing aids. You were both a pleasure to deal with. Michael, your audiology experience, knowledge and how well you communicate the expectations is what sets you apart.  I’ve had hearing aids for over 8 years and thought I knew it all.  You were spot on with your advice about what hearing aids will be best for me and you didn’t try and sell me the most expensive, just what I needed for my day to day life.  For that, I thank you.  I will be back to see you for my next pair.



Mary, Sydney, NSW

I highly recommend The Hearing Care Shop and its staff and Partner Clinic.  I am a first time hearing aid wearer and was advised about hearing aids that cost $13,000 from another provider.  I am semi-retired and this cost just surprised me.  I did some research online and came across The Hearing Care Shop.  I spoke with a lovely lady name Hashi and she clearly explained who they were, what they do and how I could benefit from their services and save myself $5,000 for the same hearing aids the first provider quoted.

Hashi was very helpful and the process was simple and easy.  The clinic I was referred too treated me with the utmost care and staff were friendly and helpful.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Hearing Care Shop to my family and friends in need of hearing aids.  The service is not compromised just because you are paying less for the same hearing aids, if anything I found them more honest and helpful.  Thank you Hashila and team.




Phil h, Canberra, NSW – Tele-health Home Fitting

“I first contacted The Hearing Care Shop after I had been tested and advised that I needed hearing aids. I found The Hearing Care Shop online as I was trying to see what the cost of hearing aids was. I sent the audiologist test details to the Hearing Shop Care Shop online and received a second opinion on the type of hearing aids which would be suitable.

I was also advised that I could have the hearing aids fitted through their Tele-Health Home Fitting service, rather than going to a clinic for fitting. I thought about this and decided to go with the home fitting.

After submitting my order an appointment was made and the hearing aids, a tablet for the home fitting and remote adjustment/monitoring of the hearing aids, spare batteries and cleaning equipment all arrived in good time for the fitting appointment.

Michael, the audiologist, rang at the appointed time and was excellent with the initial commissioning of the hearing aids as well as advice about fitting them in the ear and what to expect. He set the aids to frequencies which would compensate for those where my hearing was compromised and then said he would review the results after a week. The following week he reviewed the results and showed them to me on the tablet, commenting that everything seemed to be going very well.

I certainly have had no problems with the Home Fitting process. Dealing with Hashila as first point of contact, and Michael the audiologist, has been uncomplicated and efficient. The whole Home Fitting process has been smooth, easy and very successful from my perspective and I would recommend that process for people who need hearing aids.”

Phillip Harris


Lorna, Newtown, VIC

I warmly recommend The Hearing Care Shop to potential customers who might have doubts about purchasing hearing aids online. Hashila’s customer service is exceptional and the quality of Michael’s (audiologist) advice far exceeded that of other audiologists I have consulted. They go the extra mile to provide an excellent standard of personalised care.


Belinda, sydney, NSW

After researching from my previous hearing supplier and then looking online I have experienced a dramatic saving in the cost of my new Oticon Opn 1 from The Hearing Care Shop.

All my questions and fears of purchasing online were alleviated as I could talk to the wonderful staff (it wasn’t just through email) and they sent detailed information each step of the way.  Their Partner Clinic was in my area and provided extensive testing making me feel a valued client.  We have learnt together about this new wonderful technology allowing me to link directly to any wireless devices – mobile, TV, Radio etc.   It has improved my lifestyle and no more am I missing out at social gatherings due to excess noise.

It has been such a positive experience I would recommend The Hearing Care Shop to anybody looking for great value and extensive range of hearing aids and accessories.


Belinda S


Greg, Sydney. Saved $5k and received excellent service and support

“I had a recent hearing test with my long time provider of hearing aids and was advised I needed to get one for both ears (previously only used one). The recommended device (Oticon Opn 1 Minirite) was great technology but the quoted cost was enough to buy a brand new small car.

On doing some online research I came across The Hearing Care Shop. The website was very easy to use and the quoted price for my required hearing aids was nearly $5,000 cheaper in total than what my usual provider could supply.

The initial concern that this was too good to be true was allayed by the great service from Hashila. The arrangements for testing and fitting with the Partner Clinic in Neutral Bay were efficiently organised.

The Partner Clinic confirmed that the original recommended hearing aids were indeed the best for me, and I was very happy with the service, the fitting, and follow up visits.

My wife is much happier that I am not talking so loudly and that I often turn the TV volume down. It has also helped greatly at work and in noisy venues.

I would happily recommend The Hearing Care Shop.”



Marty’s story on journey to better hearing…. Melbourne, VIC

I am Marty, 76 years old and I was having difficulty with my hearing on a daily basis.

I am very glad to have opted for hearing aids. It has improved my quality of life, certainly my conversations with others are far more enjoyable now.

The assistance provided by Hashila at The Hearing Care Shop was terrific. The service I received from the clinician at the Partner Clinic I was referred to was outstanding.

The cost of the device (Oticon Nera2 Pro) through The Hearing Care Shop was much more reasonable than other outlets that I contacted.


Alana, Sydney, NSW

I was recently advised that I required hearing aids, so I decided to get a few quotes. I was amazed that there could be a $1000 difference in the price of exactly the same hearing aids! I ended up contacting a clinic in South Sydney. The Audiologist did a few more tests and advised me on the hearing aids which would best suit my loss.

The online order process went very smoothly and to make a long story short I can now hear and I saved $2100 off the original quote. It pays to shop around.


Kevin T, Swansea, NSW

Since the first minute of having the Oticon hearing aids , I knew I had made the correct decision. The perceived tinnitus is reduced, I can hear conversation in crowded rooms and I don’t have the T.V. blaring at full blast.

The advice and service I have received from the clinic was very good too, the clinician was excellent.


Narelle, Sydney, NSW

I found Hashila from The Hearing Care Shop to be extremely helpful, especially as I was dealing with her over the Christmas public holiday period when businesses close down. My hearing aids were ordered before close of business and sent to the Partner Clinic at Caringbah ready for my appointment when they were back at work in Jan.

Hashila was very supportive and fully explained everything to me. The Partner Clinic were very professional and thoroughly explained everything about the hearing aids and ensured I was comfortable using them. They were also extremely helpful in ensuring their paperwork was correctly done in order for me to make my Private Health cover claim.

My Oticon hearing aid has meant I am not missing out on conversations with my family and friends, I can hear conversations in a crowd and the TV does not need to be as loud anymore!


Joana, Sydney, NSW – 30 years young

Being 30 years young with hearing difficulties since I was a child, I kept postponing the use of hearing aids as I thought I didn’t need them. I finally decided to get them as I was struggling at work meetings. I now wish I got them much sooner. I can’t believe how easy it is to hear and I’ve finally stopped making people repeat themselves (husband is very grateful). They are so easy to manage and after a week it feels like they are part of my ears. The biggest surprise is that my normal hearing has improved and I now hear extra sounds without them too. Highly recommend them no matter what age you are.

I’m also very grateful to have found The Hearing Care Shop, as I not only saved thousands in the end on my pair of hearing aids, but they also put me in touch with a great clinic. The partner clinic in Neutral Bay tested my ears, advised what hearing aids I needed, fitted them and I’ve only had to see them once again. I highly recommend The Hearing Care Shop.


Julie R, Sydney, NSW

I found dealing with Hearing Care Shop to be fine & the team at Bondi Junction are amazing & incredibly understanding, I’m not fond of wearing my aids & they understand this.


Ivana, Sydney, NSW

For a good 5 years now we have been encouraging my mother-in-law to look into being fitted with a hearing aid. She was very reluctant on account of a bad experience in the past which left her resolved to deal with her hearing loss without the use of an aid. As her hearing loss worsened, it became very difficult to communicate with her and after some encouragement from the family, she agreed to give it another go. In September 2015 I purchased a hearing aid for my mother-in-law through The Hearing Care Shop. It was an easy transaction, with only a few very straightforward steps. The fitting with the partner clinic was amazing. My mother-in-law received personalised service and follow up that was professional, clear and patient oriented. There was a good deal of care and attention given to her, particularly in understanding why her previous effort with an aid had failed.

I’m pleased to say that my mother-in-law is enjoying the renewed freedom her hearing aid has given her and as a family we are relieved to be able to communicate with her again. She has been recommending The Hearing Care Shop and Partner Clinic to everyone!


Michael (76 years), New Zealand

Recently I was in Sydney visiting my family and discussed how I have a hearing loss that has been causing me some difficulty. My son searched online for information and we found The Hearing Care Shop. After calling them, they arranged for me to have my hearing tested at a clinic that was just a few min up the road. I was advised about hearing aids and had them fitted a week later. I could not be happier with them. I find everything much easier to hear, and as a bonus my tinnitus has gone. I can recommend the professionalism and service I received from the clinic and the online store to anyone looking for hearing aids. Thank you.