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Recent Study Indicates that Environmental Noise is linked to Hearing Loss

Most people are familiar with the term noise pollution. It really does exist and it can cause various health problems, including hearing loss. Environmental noise is a form of noise pollution which occurs “outside, caused by transport, industrial and recreational activities”. 

A study was recently conducted in Germany, which tested the hearing of 200,000 participants, using cell phones. The results showed a strong correlation between urban noise pollution and hearing loss. Mimi Hearing Technologies collected the data. According to managing director Henrik Matthies, this preliminary finding is significant and will be explored further.

The decibel (dB) is the unit of measure for the intensity of sound (loudness). There are many decibel level charts available which compare common sounds heard in the home, in the city, at work, etc. For example, a typical busy office has a decibel level of 40 and amplified rock music is about 120 dB. It’s widely accepted that repeated or prolonged exposure to decibel levels of 85 or higher can be detrimental to hearing.


environmental noise

Researchers refer to the world’s loudest cities (most affected by noise pollution) as “high-decibel urban areas“. New Delhi, India and Cairo, Egypt are two of those cities.

Munich, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland are in the list of quietest cities overall. This is reflected by the lower number of residents who have hearing decline, as compared to those who live in louder urban areas.

An initial conclusion of the study is that people living in high decibel cities need to be better monitored for signs of hearing problems.

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