replacing hearing aids

Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Hearing Aids

When you first get a set of hearing aids, they can transform your life by drastically improving your hearing. However, over time, these devices can start to wear out similarly to other electronic devices. It is then important that you are aware of the signs indicating that it is time to replace your hearing aids. Here are a few of the indicators that you may want to consider hearing aid replacement.

Your Hearing Aids Are Old

One of the easiest ways to tell if it is time to replace your hearing aids is by considering the age of your current set. Most hearing aids are manufactured to last 5-8 years. This means that if your hearing aids are nearing, or past, this age, then you will want to consider having them replaced in the near future as they may not be working as well as they once did. Additionally, as with any electronic device, the technology of hearing aids improves greatly from year to year, so your hearing aids may be outdated if they are this old. Newer technology could greatly improve your hearing and lifestyle.


Your Dexterity Has Changed

You should also consider replacing your hearing aids if your dexterity has changed. If your dexterity is not what it once was, and it is now difficult to use your hearing aids, you may want to consider replacing them with an easier to use set. If you have difficulty using your hearing aids, you will be less likely to use them, which could decrease your quality of life. Replacing difficult to use hearing aids would be a good idea in this circumstance.


Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

If your lifestyle has changed, such as due to a change in careers, retirement, your social scene and number of social activities you attend, or you may find that your priorities have changed as well. This could result in your desiring hearing aids that are more powerful rather than desiring the least noticeable hearing aids. Such a lifestyle change may necessitate you replace your hearing aids.


These are just a few of the reasons to consider replacing your hearing aids. Contact us to learn more about hearing loss, as well as to learn more about when you should consider replacing your hearing aids.