Guide to Hearing Loss

A Quick Guide to Hearing Loss

When you or a loved one experiences a loss of hearing, the first step is to contact a reputable audiology clinic and schedule a hearing test to uncover the type and level of hearing loss you may suffer. Hearing test appointments are typically 45 minutes and include testing and consultation. The audiologist’s diagnosis will help find the proper treatment for your situation should you suffer hearing loss.  An experienced audiologist can help you minimise the problem regardless of your budget or type of hearing loss. It may come as a surprise that a hearing aid might not be the best solution for you, but the audiologist will have to assess your condition.

Loss of hearing can be age related (most common), noise induced or caused by many different ailments, including treatment for other health issues. Ear wax, infections, punctured eardrums, and even abnormal growth inside the middle ear are all contributors to sound obstruction or conductive hearing loss.


The underlying problem could be internal, such as complications transferring sounds from the ear’s nerves to the brain. This is called sensorineural hearing loss and it is the most common cause of hearing loss suffered as we get older.





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