How to Protect Your Hearing Aid at the Beach

How to Protect Your Hearing Aid at the Beach

If you spend a lot of time on Australia’s beautiful beaches, learn to protect your hearing aid while you’re soaking up the sun. These tips will help you deal with water exposure and other common issues. 


Water and Humidity

Water resistant hearing aids will hold up better when you’re near the water, sweating or exposed to any kind of moisture. If possible, it’s still safer to store your device in a clean waterproof container anytime you are around water.  Remember, never go swimming or showering with hearing aids on – they are not waterproof! If it inadvertently they get a little wet, dry it off with a microfiber towel and place them in an electronic drying kit as soon as possible to remove moisture.



Extreme heat and intense sun can damage batteries, and drain their energy. Bring along an extra battery, and keep it under wraps.



Wash the sand off your hands before you touch your hearing aid so the grains don’t get inside. If you lie down, use a clip to hold it in place, and position yourself so that your head stays off the sand.


hearing aid protection



Sunscreen is great for reducing your risk of skin cancer and premature aging, but the oils are no good for your hearing aid so put it on before you apply such skin products.


Contact a professional

Let your audiologist or other hearing care specialists know as soon as possible about any concerns you have about your hearing aid. It may be salvageable even if you have an accident.


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