The Hearing Care Shop offers the latest Tele-Health Home Fitted hearing aid solution for clients wanting an easy, hassle free fitting in the comfort of their home. All you need is a wireless broadband connection, and we provide the rest to ensure you have a seamless fitting and follow up experience.

In Australia, the delivery of audiological services has benefited greatly from Tele-Health. Now hearing aid prescriptions are receiving the benefits of Tele-Health technologies.

major benefit of Tele-Health hearing aids:

• REAL WORLD PROGRAMMING. Normally hearing aids are programmed in a clinical environment that often does not replicate real world sounds such as the home. Tele-Health allows the audiologist to truly personalise hearing aid settings in the sound environment they are mostly used, such as the home or work environment.

• REAL TIME PROGRAMMING. Real-time programming enables the audiologist to adjust your hearing aid settings immediately based on your feedback. You get to experience your hearing aids in your real environment, so you can have a walk around your home or work, listen to the TV, speak with others in the house, etc, to ensure the programming and setting of your hearing aids reflect your environment.

• ACCESS TO AUDIOLOGIST. Tele-Health supported hearing aids are prescribed by audiologists. The audiologists are trained in delivering best hearing health outcomes from Tele-Health supported hearing aids.

• SUPPORT. Tele-Health prescribed hearing aids are backed by thorough support tools.

• EASIER ACCESS TO CARE. Tele-health hearing aids can offer easier access to hearing health care. This is particularly true for people who need to travel great distances to attend a clinic, have health issues that make travel difficult for them.

Whether you are new to hearing aids or an experienced user, our Tele-Health Home Fitting Service is suitable for all.