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Overcoming the Stigma of Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, still today, there is a stigma associated with hearing loss. Some people see it as a sign of old age, incompetence or even lower intelligence and are embarrassed of their condition making them unwilling to admit the fact that they are suffering from hearing loss, much less to pursue treatment. But, overcoming the stigma of hearing loss and getting treatment is essential to avoid serious medical complications as well as to maintain quality of life for those associated with this common condition.


Hearing loss can affect anyone, regardless of age and the medical complications that arise from an untreated condition are real too.

First and foremost is a loss of quality of life which can lead to depression, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and social withdrawal. And even more shocking, studies show that untreated hearing loss in seniors can lead to memory and comprehension difficulties, diminished cognition and dementia.


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With so much to lose, it is essential that we shatter the hearing loss stigma and that will happen when we all make a few, simple life changes:

  • Make it a yearly or 18 monthly occurrence to have your hearing tested. To make it easy, audiology clinic’s can put you on a recall so you receive a yearly reminder
  • If your audiologist or physician has told you that hearing loss is an issue, treat it. Discuss treatment options with your clinician and if hearing aid prescription is advised, get the appropriate hearing aid model and style that is suitable to your needs.
  • Wear your hearing aids if you have them. Remember, there is a period of adjustment so don’t give up after the first try. The more you wear your hearing aids, the more you’ll adjust before you won’t even notice them. Your clinician will help you, so be upfront and honest about your experience.
  • Don’t be ashamed and minimise the reluctance. Talk to people about your condition and the treatment that is helping you. They may need encouragement from someone like you too.


It is time to overcome the stigma of hearing loss and everyone can help.
If you or someone you know needs more information on the topic, contact us, we are happy to help.