How New Technology is Effecting Hearing Loss

How New Technology is Effecting Hearing Loss

Today, teenagers, children, and even adults find themselves drifting away in a world of music that only they can hear, but what is this really doing to their health? 

According to, by 2050 one in four Australians is likely to suffer from hearing loss (up from the current one in six) and 37 percent of hearing loss cases were preventable. Hearing loss can be hereditary, caused by illness or medication, loud noises, etc stated by, and listening to loud music and sound in your ears every day is not helping.

Australian Hearing’s National Acoustic Laboratories’ Binge Listening Report found in a study that young Australians have a greater chance of developing hearing loss due to listening to loud music through headphones and/or attending concerts. also states that factors of hearing loss are all around us in Australia. Planes, noisy work environments, and even loud noises coming from your television can be a factor of hearing loss.


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Different work environments can also have a huge effect on hearing loss. For example, if you work in a loud or noisy factory you will have a greater chance of suffering from hearing loss than if you work in an office.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to prevent hearing loss. states that you can reduce your chance of developing hearing loss by reducing exposure to persistent loud noises, listen to music through headphones at a lower volume, and wear earplugs when exposed to loud noises above 85 decibels.

In conclusion, many everyday activities can cause hearing loss, but there are also many ways to prevent it. While Australia’s youth may not be concerned about hearing loss now, taking precautions will provide better hearing for their future.


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