Music to My Ears

Envision yourself, as a music lover, consistently having your music playing as often as you can with your ear buds plugged into your ears. Next thing you realise over an extended period of time, your hearing feels a bit weaker due to the volume constantly being higher than recommended. This could be due not only to the amount of time and volume level chosen while listening to music, but the type of earphones used. Using headphones or ear buds both differ in their design and the effects they have on users. Both can still, however, be harmful if not used properly.


Headphones usually sit over the ears and can help cancel out background noises. Ear buds go directly into the ear and are a greater risk for damage to one’s hearing. The noise level has a great impact on the effects on hearing whether wearing ear buds or headphones. According to The Australian, principal audiologist Janette Thorburn of Australian Hearing states, “modern earphones, or buds, are designed to deliver sound directly into the ear canal in closer proximity to the sensitive eardrum.” Thorburn notes that the “sounds can be turned up to unacceptable levels of 100dB which, over time, effectively accelerates the hearing loss associated with aging.” She also says,”If you have loose headphones, like the old fashioned ones, the levels would only be about 80dB.”


ear buds


When hearing loss takes place from an extremely loud volume, it can cause effects such as the ringing of the ears, and it may even be harder to hear certain noises that were a bit clearer before the damage. Keeping this in mind, it’s very important to take care of your hearing and watch how loud the volume is no matter how good the music. It is much safer to use the headphones that go over the ears as opposed to the ear buds that are more damaging. But regardless of whether you use ear buds or headphones, the volume is the most important factor as either one is harmful if the level is too high.


Most of us love music or blocking out the noises around us and many people have been negatively impacted by the loud volume levels. Fortunately, there are resources such as hearing aids that can help cope with hearing loss. If you feel you or someone you know are experiencing this, know that there are ways to compensate for the loss.

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