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Mild Hearing Loss: which hearing aids are the best?

Hearing loss is not a condition that can be defined in black and white, because everyone experiences it differently. Even in the case of mild loss, it might affect one person significantly while it is barely noticeable to another. It is not perceived as a handicap until it begins to influence the person’s ability to function normally. At this point, an essential or basic hearing aid provides a great alternative to struggling with the ability to discern environmental sounds.


When is it time to consider a hearing aid?

For some people, mild hearing loss simply means that sounds are not loud enough. This can be annoying but not debilitating. It becomes challenging when you are not able to tell the difference between certain sounds of speech. For example, consonants sounds like “k”, “p”, “f” and “th” get lost in the background noise leading to misunderstanding. Either way, it’s a relief to hear without straining and missing out on conversations.


Which hearing aids are the best?

An essential or basic hearing aid is meant for people that spend most of their time in a quiet environment, want to hear the TV clearly, have one-to-one conversations or go out into areas with noisy background once in a while. Here are two examples of suitable hearing aids as follows:

  • Oticon OPN 3 MiniRITE – this technology allows you isolate conversations and turn down the volume on background noise.
  • Widex Beyond Fusion 110 – this hearing aid turns down wind noise annoyance and increases your ability to understand conversations.


hearing aids for mild hearing loss


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