What are the Main Causes of Hearing Loss

What are the Main Causes of Hearing Loss?

Around 3.55 million (one in six) men and women in Australia are suffering from some sort of hearing loss at any given moment. There are uncontrollable factors that contribute to hearing loss, such as genetics, age, and illnesses, as well as factors that can be managed, such as medications and loud noises. Read on to learn more about the common causes of hearing loss.

Advanced Age

While researchers do not completely understand why hearing loss often occurs with age, it is a fact that one out of two people over the age of 75 suffer from hearing loss. Advanced age is so far the leading cause of hearing loss and many people begin to suffer from it when they hit 65. Many researchers believe that after decades of loud noises the delicate mechanisms of the ear begin to slowly degenerate, causing slow but steady hearing loss that one may not even realise is happening.





Most people don’t realise that there are some medications that actually contribute to hearing loss the more they use them. So far over 200 different drugs have known side effects that include both hearing and balance issues when taken for certain periods of time. These can include both over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin and loop diuretics, as well as prescription medications such as certain antibiotics and erectile dysfunction drugs. Even some types of chemotherapy drugs may cause hearing loss in those who take them.


Illness and Trauma

Certain illnesses increase the risk of hearing loss. Some are diseases that one cannot help but contract, such as Meniere’s disease and Otosclerosis. These conditions both affect the inner ear and can lead to hearing loss. Some conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, can also lead to hearing loss but are two illnesses that can be controlled by diet and exercise.

A sudden trauma to the head or ear drum can also cause hearing loss to occur in a quicker fashion.


There are various treatments available for most types of hearing loss. For anyone experiencing sudden hearing loss or trauma to the head or ear area, it is recommended that prompt medical treatment is sought out.


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