One-sided hearing loss

I’m sorry, what did you say? One-sided hearing loss

There Sarah stood, in a crowded hallway conversing with her friends. But as they talked, she noticed as the noise level increased she was having more and more difficulty making out what they were saying. She even had difficulty figuring out who was speaking to her as their voices would sound like they were coming from another direction.

She didn’t know if she was hearing their voices or someone else’s voice from another conversation going on around them. It didn’t help that a couple of her friends were on the side of her that her weak ear was on. So there she was straining, trying to turn her head slyly as to not make it so obvious that she could not hear clearly and avoid asking them fifty times to repeat what they have said. All of this due to her one-sided hearing loss. Has this ever happened to you or someone you love or know?

Single-sided deafness

Not only can hearing loss be in both ears but it can also be one-sided as well. Single-sided deafness or SSD is what one-sided hearing loss is also known as. Whether it be from an accident, disease, a loud damaging noise or other factor, hearing loss can definitely have an effect on individuals throughout their lives. Hearing loss can have an impact on one’s social life, as well as general communication.

How bad someone’s hearing loss can determine how well they are able to function in dealing with it. Hear-it gives more insight into this, talking not only about how individuals can “live with SSD” but also stating that, “Others have to make major life changes as they may feel highly uncomfortable and no longer easily able to cope in everyday environments such as business meetings, busy restaurants or family gatherings.”

If you or someone you know have experienced this discomfort and are wondering about ways to cope with hearing loss whether it is in both ears or SSD, have no fear!

There are ways to improve hearing function and not have the stress of having to make out voices or clarify words spoken, even if it is just treating one ear.

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