hearing test

Having a comprehensive hearing test and consultation is the first step in determining whether hearing loss is an issue for you.

An assessment of your hearing will quickly establish the type and level of hearing loss you are experiencing – and this will make it easier to identify the right solution.

If your hearing loss requires prescription of hearing aids, your clinician will advise you on the best model and style for your needs.

Many clinics offer ‘free hearing test’ but majority of these are either a screening only or come with strings attached, including not getting a copy of your report.

At The Hearing Care Shop we like to be upfront with our customers.  We refer you to your closest Partner Clinic for a paid hearing assessment, which includes a consultation and a copy of your report.  You are then free to progress to the next step as you wish and in your own time.

See also our Guide to Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Prescription


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