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Hearing Loss At Work

Whether your work in an office environment, public service, retail store, restaurant or involved in on-site field projects, being able to hear correctly is vital to your job performance. Details discussed in meetings, phone calls or conversations with clients all can be stressful if the words are not clear. Asking someone to continually repeat themselves is irritating to both the listener and the speaker.

Many individuals have a difficult time accepting the first signs of hearing loss. They blame background noises or voice volume; sometimes they even blame themselves for being inattentive. When they do finally accept there is a problem, most are very hesitant to tell employers or co-workers. They do not want to be perceived as incapable of performing their job duties, even though this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just remember that one in six Australians suffer from a hearing impairment and this number increases to one in three from the age of 65!

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If this sounds familiar, know there is help. Testing by certified audiologists can determine the extent of the loss and provide suggestions to fit your lifestyle and budget. There are many options available today to equip you to hear what is going on around you. Great strides have been made to provide devices that are small, light and almost discrete.  

At The Hearing Care Shop, our job is to help you with your job. We understand how important it is to be able to clearly hear and comprehend all the activities surrounding your day at work and your personal life. Whether you need to have the right date for a deadline or the correct quantity to process an order, we have a solution for you.

Please contact us and let us keep you productive and focused at work.