Hearing Loss: Where to Start

It’s a very disconcerting feeling to realise that you’re not hearing as well as you used to. It’s not a matter of being in a noisy environment – you find yourself leaning forward to be able to listen to someone even in a quiet house. You may also notice that you’re raising the volume on your television higher than you’ve done in the past and people may also notice that you’re also talking louder, since it’s hard to regulate your voice.

Don’t worry, though. There’s been a great leap in technology when it comes to hearing aids. The days of sticking a funnel in your ear are long gone, and the clunky over-the-ear hearing aids have become sleek and nearly invisible. In fact, there are aids that can just rest in the ear canal.

But… let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?


The first thing that you should do is have a hearing professional, like the compassionate people at The Hearing Care Shop and our Partner Clinics, conduct a hearing test. It’s quite simple – you sit in a soundproof booth with different types of headsets and the audiologist will sit outside and play certain sounds at various volumes and say words while covering their mouths while asking you to repeat them. That way, they can see the hearing range in one or both ears.

After that, if the hearing loss is severe enough to warrant hearing aids, the audiologist can sit down with you and go over the different types and strengths of those aids. The people at The Hearing Care Shop will give you the best advice. There are many brands out there and we only provide those that are reputable, technology advanced and provide great customer service when it comes to support and warranty – Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, and Widex.


best hearing aid


All hearing aids purchased via The Hearing Care Shop are fitted by an experienced audiologist at a face-to-face appointment at the closest Partner Clinic to you.  The aids are custom programmed to your hearing loss and lifestyle to ensure you get the best and most comfortable sound specific to your listening needs. Once you are happy with your hearing aids in the first month, semi-regular check-ups to make sure that the hearing aid is working to your satisfaction is all that is needed.


There will be a solution to your hearing loss situation that will fit your budget. After this, you’ll be able to resume talking to people normally and not disturbing those around you with your television’s volume. It’s going to be a continuation of your life… not the end of it.


You can learn more here: Hearing loss where to start and if you have any questions, you can contact us.