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Hearing Loss: A Guide On Where To Start


“My defective hearing appeared everywhere before me like a ghost; I fled from the presence of men, was obliged to appear to be a misanthrope although I am so little such.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

Are you afraid that you might be losing your hearing? Even the famous composer, Beethoven, had difficulty accepting that he couldn’t hear as he once did. Hearing is an important part of our lives whether it be the joy that comes from the sound of a loved one’s voice or the relaxing effects of music and nature. So it only makes sense that any loss of this vital sensation comes as a shock.

Discovering change in your hearing is worrisome, but you needn’t experience this alone. At The Hearing Care Shop, we understand and will help you every step of the way. Aren’t sure where you can go from here? These ideas can help you today.


Below are our three steps for beginning your journey:

Discover how minute or severe your hearing loss is


Take our online hearing test to determine what level of hearing loss you are suffering. We can then guide you on your next step, whether it be a full hearing assessment, consultation or advice about hearing aids. Try discussing your loss without fear of judgment. It could be with a friend, work colleague or a family member. Just the act of letting someone know can help relieve the stress you are going through. Also, consider speaking with your general practitioner. They can refer you to a hearing specialist who will provide additional solutions for you.

hearing test

Assimilate your options


Some of the best devices that can help you are hearing aids. We have a wide variety of brands and styles to suit all budgets, manufactured by leading European companies in the industry. We’ve helped hundreds of customers and are sure we can find a device right for you too.


hearing aid option


Start your plan


You won’t need to worry when you use The Hearing Care Shop because we care about our customers. Your hearing aids will come with programming, batteries, and a variety of other benefits. You will even receive appointments during your first year to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.


Visit our page Hearing loss where to start to discover more!


You can still live the healthy life you want. We hope you’ll take these steps to better hearing today.


Please contact us whenever you’re ready. We can’t wait to hear from you!