home demonstration hearing aids

Home Demonstrations Make It Easier for You to Decide about a Hearing Aid

Our range of home demonstration hearing device* makes it easier for you to trial the experience of wearing hearing aids by shipping it directly to your home.  No visit to Audiology clinic required.

A hearing demo device acts like a hearing aid and is custom programmed by our in-house audiologist for your individual needs. You’ll be able to use it for a full 2 weeks trial period before its internal clock shuts it down. Take a look at some of the benefits.



Financial commitments are a concern for many people considering hearing aids. When you get a demo device through us, there is little cost except for a courier fee and a fully refundable bond. You don’t need to pay thousands upfront – the trial period will give you time to research any financing options that may be available to you, including health fund rebates.



Australia is a big country, and not everyone lives near an audiology clinic. We’ve dealt with customers living over a hundred-kilometer round trip from a clinic, so having weekly appointments over 3 weeks to see if a hearing aid is an option for you is a big time and dollar commitment.  We can save you these unnecessary trips by delivering the demo device directly to your home to trial.


home demonstration hearing device

Better Hearing

Most of all, a home demonstration can significantly improve your final outcomes. Hearing loss involves your brain as well as your ears. As you practice using a hearing aid, you’re training your auditory cortex to recognise and interpret sounds again. Your 2 week trial period also gives you an opportunity to think about any questions and concerns you have about using a hearing aid in your real life setting, creating better feedback that we can use to find the best possible option for you and your lifestyle.

While demo devices are beneficial in many cases, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Whether you qualify will depend on the degree of your hearing loss, a variety of health factors, and your ability to provide an audiogram or take our online hearing test.

*Limited hearing aid brands and styles available for home delivery.


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