which hearing aid

Which hearing aids are best for your specific needs?

If you have hearing loss, where should you start your search for a solution?

Some people get on the internet and search for products and read consumer reviews to help them make a choice. Some have been recommended specific brands by their friends or family member because it was a great fit for them.  But, should you just look up ‘hearing aids’ online, and choose the best brand, based on customer reviews or recommendations made by your loved ones? 


No. It’s not that simple when choosing hearing aids. Hearing loss is different for each person, including how it affects their daily life.  Hearing aid products also differ between manufacturers.  Some are better at treating low-frequency loss, others high-frequency loss, some better at a flat hearing loss etc.  Therefore, there is no ‘one-fit solution’ and this means that the specific needs of the individual must be addressed and different brands considered to meet those requirements.


As an audiologist at The Hearing Care Shop, I consider several factors that will help me determine what kind of hearing assistance is best for you:

  • your type of hearing loss- conductive, sensorineural or mixed
  • if you have hearing loss in one ear (unilateral) or both (bilateral)
  • if you suffer from tinnitus and how it affects you daily
  • what your level of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe, profound) is and at what frequencies (low, mid, high)
  • what is your daily and weekly activities, as the below situations allow me to understand what environments you are in and how background noise affects your ability to hear:
  • are you retired or working.
  • are you social, catching up regularly with family and friends, visiting restaurants, cafes, clubs, church, theatres, etc.
  • are you physically active – play golf, bowl, cycle, walk, hike, etc.


hearing aid for specific needs


There are many different kinds of hearing aids which are made to address your unique issues. As an independent operator, we have the choice to select across a number of brands to ensure we find the best fit for you.  Some people will need smaller, in-the-ear styles while others will require the behind-the-ear type. Of course, your personal preferences and budget are considered too.


The Hearing Care Shop offers some of the best known and trusted brands: Siemens, Phonak, Oticon and Widex.

Please contact us today. Our professionals are waiting to help you choose the best hearing aids to meet your needs.