hearing loss in Australia

Facts About Hearing Loss in Australia

Hearing loss is a common problem for both men and women in Australia. While many Australians believe hearing loss just happens as one age, there are also lifestyle choices that can aggravate the issue. Read on for some interesting facts on hearing loss that you may be unaware of.

Hearing Loss is on the Rise

It is expected that by the year 2050, one in four men and women residing in Australia will have some type of hearing loss. One reason is the inevitable increase in age that everyone experiences but dangerous leisure noises are another major factor that comes into play. While many workplaces enforce noise regulations, countless teenagers and young adults are increasing their risk of hearing loss by listening to loud music through their iPods and smartphones. Because of this, many people are starting to experience hearing loss at an even earlier age than before.


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It’s Hard to get Away from Harmful Noises

It is almost impossible to stay away from loud noises for Australians. Cars, planes, music, concerts, machinery and more make it difficult to prevent hearing loss, even when you are trying to take care of your hearing. The higher the sound’s volume is, the greater chance of it affecting your hearing. This is especially true when you are exposed to loud noises for years at a time.

Hearing Loss and Veterans

It isn’t too surprising that the second most common problem for war veterans in Australia is hearing loss. Many vets were exposed to loud noises during their time in the service which caused damage to their ears. The longer that he or she is in the service, the more likely that hearing loss becomes an issue.


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Farmers and Hearing Loss

Farmers are another group of Australians who are more than likely to suffer from some type of hearing loss, even premature loss, as they are regularly subjected to loud agricultural machinery. Hearing protection is recommended for farmers who work on tractors, mowers and other machinery, but only 18% of farmers have reported that they wear them.


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