Your Local Partner Clinic

The Hearing Care Shop is Australia’s only online hearing store to be trusted and supported by over 200 audiology Partner Clinics in locations nationwide.

This means we can refer you to a Partner Clinic based in your area, where a qualified clinician will get to know you and your hearing situation in order to provide you with a full range of audiology services.

These services include fitting and programming of hearing aids purchased from The Hearing Care Shop, as well as ongoing aftercare and support services for your hearing aid.

The Hearing Care Shop only partners with established, reputable audiology clinics. All Partner Clinic clinicians are fully accredited to provide services under the government Office of Hearing Services (OHS) Program, with membership to professional industry bodies such as Audiology Australia, Australian College of Audiology, and Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia.

All referrals to and first contact with the Partner Clinic is made via The Hearing Care Shop.